SAE Motorsport Summer Car Meet




Check out the link to our event coming up this Sunday, it will be a precursor to the August 31 Wrong Fitment Fest put on by Wrong Fitment Crew, held here at SAE Motorsport.


We are hoping for a good turnout this Sunday to get people familiarized with the location as well as have a good time. This event will be an introduction to Summer, a time when our Industry flourishes as people pull their cars from the garage to cruise, enjoy the weather, and meet other enthusiasts. We invite everybody and anybody with even the slightest automotive interest to come this Sunday, wherever your passion lies bring it by; car, truck, or motorcycle.  Bring family, friends, or even your co-workers if you think they will enjoy themselves. Don’t be shy to bring your car by, we want this meet to be comfortable for everybody, please also be considerate of the local area by not speeding, racing, revving, or spinning tire as you near the business park.

This Sunday will be a leisurely day for us, however if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you’d like to speak with us about don’t be afraid to ask. We will have many cars on display including our recently caged EVO IX MR and Nissan S14. You’ve seen the pictures come check them out in person!

For you rotary and drift fans Tyler Wolfson, driver of the GT Radial RX-7 will be in attendance, however his RX-7 may or may not be here since it has been stationed on the east coast for XDC.

We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday,




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