We have something big to announce!

Tyler Wolfson, driver of the SAE Motorsport sponsored GT Radial RX-7, has come to us to build something very unique. The idea is to take an older Volvo 850 wagon shell and attach it to a tube frame chassis. The chassis’s specifications will resemble that of his FD RX-7 so that handling is similar, except for of course a longer wheel base. The power-plant will be some form of a rotary engine, the question still in the air is how many rotors will it have.

Like the taxis we’ve all ridden in the goal is to comfortably, and more importantly safely, fit up to two passengers behind the driver. However unlike the common taxi this one will be pitched sideways with tires spinning! We don’t want to release too much about the build right now, we’d rather you follow along with this blog in anticipation as we progress through the build.



IMG_0882IMG_0662IMG_1558IMG_2338 IMG_8685

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