9/23/2013 -Recently we were contacted to build a customer a 240Z fitted with an RB26DETT engine. We will be starting a build thread so that anybody interested can follow the build as it progresses into shape. I don’t want to release too many details on the full project to keep it more of a surprise but here are the basics.
-240Z chassis
-RB26DETT producing 450-500hp
-Full S13 suspension
This will not be any kind of dedicated track car, it will be a comfortable, reasonably quite, enjoyable daily or weekend driver that will be road legal (in Texas) yet still be able to go to the track occasionally to tear it up! It will include all the necessities you’d come to expect in such a car including AC, power windows, locks, and steering.

We found this chassis on zilvia up in Palmdale and had to go pick it up! It was a great start for this project specifically and had hardly any rust! Very rare for a vehicle this old.











Re-welded all the fabrication that had been done by the previous owner including the front subframe mounts. Welded up some new rear subframe mounts that incorporate a plate with rod going through the chassis where a bolt goes through. This is a large improvement in structural strength over how it was before where the bolt was just dropped through a hole drilled in the chassis.

Pulled all of the interior out including the sound deadening which covered the floor and roof of the car. Windows have also been removed so that the chassis is now completely bare and ready for media blasing, sealing, and finally paint.

IMG_2149 IMG_3816IMG_5641 IMG_6077 IMG_0419




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