San Diego- As a Motorsport shop who strives to support the car community we’d like to be able to offer and suggest venues for those of you who take pride and enjoy what youdrive to really be able to push the limits of your car, most importantly, in a controlled environment. Many people don’t realize how close and affordable many options really are. We guarantee these events will open up a whole new line of interests you may have never thought of before. In the end events such as auto-x, drag, drift and track will not only benefit you in terms of how fun and exciting they are, but also make you a better driver and help to understand how your car really handles, as well as burn off a little steam! Not to mention competing against friends whether it be in track times, wheel-to-wheel, or in 1/4, 1/8th mile times is a great way to see who’s really faster.

Autocross is a great cheap affordable way to begin, most are held at Qualcomm stadium, and races range usually from $60-$80 per event depending on who’s holding the event. BMW CCA San Diego Chapter and SCCA are two great places to start, they typically hold events once a month. Adams Motorsport Park is another great place, although tight track, they hold events every Tuesday night.

Drag racing can also be found down at Qualcomm, every other week RaceLegal runs a 1/8th mile, all you need is a helmet, which can also be rented. There is also a strip by Barona, 1/8 mile, off of wild cat canyon road. Pomona also has a 1/4 mile strip, the closest 1/4 to San Diego.
Drift typically you will have to drive a little further, Adam’s Motorsport park in riverside, holds drift events every Thursday night at their track. Most track day people such as speed ventures and extreme speed, also hold drift days  at bigger tracks. These events are a great place to really learn how to drift, especially in a safe controlled environment with other drifters. Areas are chosen on the track where the is a safe amount of run off for those who go off track. People out at the events are usually friendly and willing to help with any issues or questions. Expect to go through a lot of tires! Make sure to bring at least two or three extra sets of rear tires.
Track days usually range from $90-$200 depending on if it’s a one or two day event and who you go with.  All the tracks will be anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours away. Here you can race your car around large road courses at high speeds wheel to wheel with other cars. All organizers offer a variety of run groups depending on your skill level. If your not comfortable with open passing, you may want to start with a beginner group with point by passing only.  These events are more expensive than autocross but have a lot to offer including lots of driving experience, car control, and a ton of fun!

There are many misconceptions about participating in these events, mostly that you need a dedicated race car, trailer, truck, and a lot of money. YOU DON’T. Most people out at these events are driving their daily driver on the same set of tires they drive on every day, although a set of track/ auto-x tires is nice to have it’s not a requirement. You don’t need a fully built expensive car either; we’ve seen stock corollas both at the track and autocross lot! It’s an investment that in the end you will be glad you tried at least once!

For those interested in more information don’t hesitate to come stop by the shop!


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