SAFETY EQUIPMENT- Staying Safe At The Track

Do you go to the track often? If so then you’re bound to see some scary wrecks. If you’ve been thinking about buying a head and neck restraint system look no further now is the time!

mustang big willow crash DSC_0711

When it comes to safety equipment your life is in your own hands, the amount of quality, properly installed safety equipment you have in your vehicle determines if your walking away unharmed, seriously injured, paralyzed, or in the worst case dead. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, club racer, or professional the most important thing to protect is your head and neck, harnesses keep your body from moving in an accident however your head will continue to move forward, in a serious accident this movement will cause your head to separate from your spine. The development of head and neck restraints has DRASTICALLY reduced the fatality and injury rate in auto racing. Most track day organizers only require the bare minimum which in many cases is only a helmet; unfortunately just recently there was a fatality at a local track day with an organization that only required a helmet.


Safety is key and not an area to be skimped on, we all like to think we will never go off and a bad accident can’t happen to us. Unfortunately this is not the reality, fluids spill on the track, tires blow out, brakes fail, and cars flip over. Keep yourself as safe as possible with the proper safety equipment including; 3” 5-6 point ASM (anti submarining mechanism), up to spec SA rated helmet, roll bar, head & neck device, SFI rated gloves, shoes, suit, and underwear. With the proper safety equipment a dangerous sport like auto racing becomes significantly safer than many physical contact field sports such as football. Professional racers walk away from incidents at 100MPH+ because they have all the proper safety equipment.



Don’t overlook safety when you’re deciding where to spend your money next. If your the person who is always looking for more power and doesn’t spend money on safety sit down and analyze how important your life, health, and well-being are to you. A car is replaceable your life isn’t. Obviously most safety equipment is really only going to be worn at the track, but even small things can be done to increase your safety on the streets!

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